Eric Anastas
"look, just give in and we'll be golden"
Canon: T...he Iliad
Species: Human
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 36
Journal: ragesong
Player: Traci

as he walks to the light from the windowEdit

blahblah first life

there's visions of a house in the nightEdit

holy crap reborn!

he hears a sound (he hears a sound)Edit

selling weapons to people is a great job

it could have been love it could have been anybodyEdit

world conquest count me in, btw i am not marrying snape on the astral plane, you can fuck right off alex (he would but eric keeps putting out -the management) (well, he's not going to suffer just so alex does -the real godsdamned management)


he waited for love but there wasn't anybody aroundEdit


so he left town with the rock showEdit

people that are not npcs

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