Evan Rosier
"stranger, stop and wish me well; just a prayer for my soul in Hell. I was a good fellow, most people said - betrayed by a woman all dressed in red."
Canon: Harry Potter
Species: wizard
Hometown: Somerset, England
Age: 20
Player: Jillian

For Evan Rosier, it's 1979: he is strong and skilled, but among the Death Eaters, still far too young to access the inner circle like his father. It wasn't so long ago that he walked the halls of Hogwarts. It will be no more than a year before he's dead.

Barely more than a footnote to some of the darkest pages of wizarding history, only Barty Crouch Jr. will remember enough to tell Harry that the missing chunk of Alastor Moody's nose was Evan's work. That, however, will be the night he dies, eluding capture once and for all. And that is the extent of Evan Rosier's presence in the books, the end of this story — born a pureblood, became a Slytherin, made a Death Eater, died very young.

Except, well. Xanadu.

what became of the likely lads?Edit

Cynical, fierce, and dedicated to rising to power within the Death Eater ranks, Evan played at being a tactless socialite lush, the spoiled only son to the Rosier legacy: the kind of classy gentleman whose highest ambition (as he informed many of his male Housemates back in the day) was to sleep with all three of his Black family girl-cousins, specially Andromeda. While his skill with a wand was known to be solid and dependable, few would guess than in three years time, he would press a fully trained Auror in his prime to his limits. But in some ways, the inveterate libertine he pretended to be had a certain degree of accuracy; his growing disillusion with the Dark Lord's cause and his discovery of the complete freedom of the Nexus were a dangerously tempting combination that would later ring a bell on some kind of deep interest for the future Mrs. Tonks.

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