John Childermass
Childermass profile
"And all that Childermass knew made him smile; and some of what he knew made him laugh out loud; and none of what he knew wrung from him so much as ha'pennyworth of pity."
Canon: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Species: human
Hometown: East Riding, Yorkshire, UK
Age: We'll say 40. He isn't telling.
Journal: abitofboth
Player: Ammmy

We Don't Need Love At AllEdit

Full name: John Childermass

Height: 6'1"

Hair: black

Eyes: black

Occupation: steward to Mr Norrell, among assorted other occupations

Nationality: North English

We're Lucky, You and IEdit

Not much is known about John Childermass, and he keeps it that way. He was born in East Ridding, Yorkshire, to a woman named Black Joan. He then spent his childhood in various dubious ways; he was quite the talented pickpocket. At some point, he developed an interest, as many Northern Englishmen did, in John Uskglass. Due to his class standing, getting at much directly was challenging.

So, he re-invented himself as a servant, taking enough posts to secure a few recommendations. In the meanwhile, he taught himself to read, and began to learn about the scholarship existing on magic. Once he found Norrell, it was not a terribly difficult matter to convince Norrell that he was indispensable, given Childermass' cleverness and Norrell's own tunnel vision.

Childermass tree
In 1806, Childermass convinces one John Segundus to write an article about Mr Norrell's address to the Yorkshire Society of (theoretical) Magicians. When Norrell proves practical magic is not dead by enchanting the statues of York Cathedral to speak, he effectively shuts down the Society; Segundus' article draws Norrell attention in London. He moves there, taking Childermass along. Childermass is then left to manage Norrell's career, including ingratiating himself to Sir Walter Pole, and avoiding as much as he can of Lascelles and Drawlight's influence.

Then Norrell's world by the rise of a second practical magician, Jonathan Strange, with a wildly differing style of magic. Strange becomes Norrell's pupil, despite their differing opinions on magic and John Uskglass, the Raven King. Eventually, though, Strange is sent off to serve the Duke of Wellington in opposing the French, and the time apart furthers the ideological schism between the men, leading to a full break after his return.

Childermass, however, remains unconvinced that either magician has fully the right of things, and cannot forget his encounter with the seemingly mad Vinculus. His musings are interrupted, however, when he takes the bullet that Lady Pole intended for Norrell. (It does not prove fatal.) Childermass begins to feel the stirrings of the magical renaissance caused by the Raven King's return, but at this time, has not yet grasped its significance.

It's a New Game to PlayEdit

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We Find We're AloneEdit

I am not John Childermass, Ralph Fiennes, or Jacques Brel. Take note.