Mhari is:

a) Of the girl persuasion.
b) A giant nerd.
c) Made of teethybitey ridiculousness.
d) Snarky and eeful.
e) All of the above.

Characters Edit

once and future spanner in the works
• The tiniest immortal knight in the land.
• Killed by his father, resurrected by his sister. And you thought your family was nuts.
• Collects Arthurian novels for the lulz.

manic pixie dream child
• Daughter of Sagramore, with all that implies.
• Sobered by the recent loss of her beloved Aunt Enfys.
• Mind you, "sober" in Annuska is other people's "terrifyingly energetic".

Annika Moore
daddies' little girl
• Linguist in training, inveterate clothes-horse, giant dork.
• Does not know that her mother is an evil sorceress from legend, but would not be surprised.
• Once went as Twisted Princess Jasmine for Halloween (sadly, minus the tiger).

loyal knight and true
Magdalen Kohlrabi's foster brother, bodyguard and emotional punching bag.
• Also the unholy spawn of Hero and Don John.
• Not as dumb as he looks.

the cleavage fairy
• One of Nuala's handmaidens.
• More to come.
• ...

Anna of Cornwall
little miss vengeance
• In another universe, will someday be Queen Morgause.
• In this one, learning sorcery from Martel with the general goal of assassinating her stepfather.
• Probably hates you.

Kit MacDougal
sometimes the seals club back
• Twin, troll, serial killer.
• Wears floppy hats and buttoned boots without a trace of irony.
• Basically a shapeshifting Madame Defarge with a penchant for frills.

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