Soujin is a bean.

The BEST bean.

sheep go to heaven Edit

Regularly playing:

Sort-of/temporarily playing:

she was raised by hippies in the hills of Tennessee Edit

When Soujin is not being Mhari's bean or selling her soul to her pre-seminary education, she likes to collect sheep, photograph jellyfish, read young adult novels, geek about language, buy inordinate amounts of scrap-booking paper, help out on her sister's full-time farm, and go on creek-walks. She can survive on only Diet Dr. Pepper and peanut butter sandwiches, and she loves to watch bad horror flicks and read bad porn.

She makes a hilarious squeaky noise when tickled.

runs in the family Edit

"Sheep Go to Heaven" is an awesome song by Cake. "Raised by Hippies" is an awesome song by I See Hawks in L.A. "Runs in the Family" is an awesome song by Amanda Palmer Soujin likes to make playlists about herself.

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