xanadu's agora.

While new arrivals have the option of turning up somewhere else and while you can always come back if you have a question for whoever happens to be around, the purpose of Xanadu's agora is to give the newcomers somewhere to get accustomed to their surroundings. There's an open space where you can discuss ideas and ask questions, a modest market, and an amphitheatre specifically for the asking and answering of any questions that might strike in the multiverse.

The local temple is consecrated to Hermes; no word yet on whether or not he peed in a circle around it when he called dibs.

Oh, and there's a bar, but mysteriously enough, not a single sofa in the entire area.


So this is where questions get asked and answered; there's a hot air balloon hovering behind whoever takes the floor which will display their question on an LED sign for those further back if they're having trouble hearing clearly.

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